When Emerson was little she said she wanted to be a Smasher when she grew up.  She wanted to smash things.  Her family told her it wasn’t really a job.  She replied “Well, people will pay me NOT to smash their stuff”.  And that was Emerson, full of wit, a zest for life and made everyone life.

The Smasherson Foundation is starting a Smash-It Challenge in honor of Emerson’s Leap Day birthday, February 29th.

Here’s how it works:

1. Record a video smashing something.

Start your video by saying:
I am taking the SMASH-IT challenge to smash pediatric brain cancer. I am challenging [name 3 friends] to smash something and donate $2, $29, or $229 to smasherson.org in honor of Emerson’s leap day birthday. You have 24 hours. Good luck! 

Then smash something! Be creative and have fun with it, but also be safe. Do not smash anything that could hurt you or someone else. Some ideas are:

  • Food: melon, pumpkin, egg, cake, whip cream pie
  • Sports: tennis ball, baseball, whiffle ball, basketball, soccer ball, golf ball
  • Objects: soda can, cardboard box, pillow fort, rock, wood board

2. Make a donation to The Smasherson Foundation of $2, $29, or $229. Leap day is 2-29, so those numbers are special to us. Be sure to mention your donation amount in your video.

3. Challenge at least 3 people. They could be friends, relatives, or coworkers. Have each member of your family make a video so you challenge lots of different people. It’s OK if you challenge someone who lives in a different state. We want this to go nationwide. You may want to give the people you are challenging a heads-up to get their “buy in” beforehand so they will participate. You can, also, send them our website smasherson.org to learn more about our mission.

4. Post your video on all your social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Tag the Smasherson Foundation and add hashtags so we can see your video and share it.

Get your school, club, sports team, and company involved. Call out influencers, share with your media contacts, and help us take this viral. What the Ice Bucket Challenge was for ALS in 2014, we hope SMASH-IT will be for pediatric brain cancer in 2022.
Pediatric Brain Cancer is significantly underfunded for research.  We can make a difference!  Let’s get Smashing!!