The Solid

Piggy Pals (left to right): Maggie, Sydney, Tayla, Regan, Ava, Alice, Emerson Q.

Piggy Pals

Our Junior Board of Directors, AKA, The Piggy Pals.

This amazing group of young ladies were Emerson’s best friends. They, along with her older sister, Regan showed her more love and support than we ever knew possible. Emerson always referred to her friends as “her solid crew”. Friends since Kindergarten, this group of girls shared some of the happiest, most memorable moments of her life. When Emerson was diagnosed and began treatment, these girls along with Regan showed what true friendship and the bond of sisterhood really meant. For 10-months, they never left her side; they laughed with her and they cried for her. We are honored and proud to have these girls represent Emerson’s amazing legacy.

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