A few weeks ago we received a request for a radiation countdown calendar for a young boy entering radiation treatment who was a total sports fan.  As we reviewed the teams he pulled for, Wake Forest University stood out to us.  We have many close supporters of Smasherson with Wake Forest Athletics ties.  Our village jumped into motion.  A few days later the Wake Forest Baseball team sent a signed baseball, hat, tee shirt and other goodies.  In the middle of their baseball season they took time out of their schedule to support this little boy and bring joy to him during a scary time.  We know he will be filled with all smiles when he opens this gift.  We couldn’t be more thankful to the team and wish them the best on the remainder of their season.  Go Deacs!

This is the spirit of joy the Smasherson Foundation wishes to bring to others.  And it is with supporters and other organizations like WFU baseball team that can help us do this for which we are deeply appreciative.  We know Emerson is smiling at the joy she has inspired for others during stressful times.